Sunday, 6 January 2013

Upstairs Downstairs Cafe

Last time I spoke about food on here, I wasn't best pleased by what was dished up - and if you read it then you'll know that I refused my portion. Today I want to swap the cards completely and tell you about a fantastic little eatery in Truro for that occasional treat.

I have always thought there has been a place in this country for a good old-fashioned American diner. You know the type, self-coloured metal caravans where half the electricity supply is used on the jukebox and if you play the tune of the day, the cooks come out to the tables and do a bit of line-dancing! There are a couple around but they are few and far between, the best I think are on the cruise ships.

However, down Cathedral Lane in Truro there is a little gem of a place that brings the feel of Tennessee Diner to my back door, relatively. Upstairs-Downstairs Cafe has been around for quite a long time, but last year they decided to change their decor, add in a jukebox and start serving the typical american cafe food - without the enormous American size servings, oh thank the Lord (Alright, I know we're in mid-Cornwall and not mid-America, just trying to get into character!)

Seriously though, I went in there yesterday for breakfast. I have been in there a couple of times and have always felt as though it was a treat, and yesterday was no exception. I ordered a typical US breakfast: Bacon, Sausage, Egg and two pancakes with Maple syrup. It was divine! In fact, writing this now is making me feel like getting in the car and going there again. The bacon was cooked to perfection, and didn't have those bits on from someone elses food because the pan wasn't cleaned out. The egg was sunny-side up, perfectly runny and yet cooked properly and best of all there was an individual pot of Maple syrup so I could pour it exactly where I wanted on the plate.

The people who work there are friendly and are very pleased to chat and the prices are very reasonable. If you want a Fred recommendation and a treat then next time you go shopping in Truro, do check it out; especially if you have teenagers, they will love it.

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