Thursday 1 August 2013

Those Immortal Words - The End!

It's got to be, for me, one of the strangest feelings I've ever felt. To actually write those immortal words down on a page and lift your fingers from the keys, knowing that you belong to the club of countless others who have done the same thing through the ages.

It's something I have felt many times now, but it never seems to dwaine. To write 'The End'

To see a story that popped into my head a couple of years ago, has festered and brewed in there for so long, has finally taken shape and moved from the neural patterns of the mind, and into the physical world is something quite overwhelming.

This evening, I came home from work with the last bit of the puzzle in my mind, and before even kicking off my shoes I was tapping away. An hour later and not only the last bit of the puzzle, but the last moment in the story was complete. Realising that I didn't even have any food in the house to, if not celebrate with, stave off the hunger pangs, I went out to Sainburys. Walking around other shoppers, I tried to find something to pop into my microwave, I really didn't know whether I wanted to jump in the air for joy or stand in the middle of the place and cry: luckily I didn't do either!

Every day, there must be creative people all over the World who have finished a project that's been ongoing for months or even years. I know writers who take part in NanoWriMo who have finished their books and have had days like this - today though, is my day! The silly thing is, it's not actually finished, now comes the hard part of editing, re-editing, re-writing, editing again and again until I'm totally sick of the story - but for now I'll enjoy the moment. I haven't got anyone here to celebrate with, so instead I'll eat my dinner, press the print button and have a well earned early night!

Fred Deakin
Design Engineer & Writer