Saturday, 22 December 2012

Thumbs down for the Atlantic Inn

Myself, Cassandra and my boys, Steve and Mason, decided to go down to the Atlantic Inn for lunch yesterday. It was a miserable day, Helston was just starting to flood from the rains and we didn't want to go too far. The Atlantic Inn can be seen from my balcony window but I've only been down there once before (I'm not really a pub person); however, as it's also quite rare that I get the chance to have food with my two favourite boys together, I wanted to show them the best that Porthleven can offer.

I have up to then, never had a bad meal in the small village where I live. For the best food, on special occasions, then Amelies at the Smokehouse is the best. Next, I would recommend the Harbour Inn, where I have eaten many times. The Atlantic Inn I'm afraid has spoilt that record.

Cassandra ordered fish and chips, and us boys picked the house burger and chips. For a guide to the prices the burger and chips was eight pounds and ninety-five pence, meaning the meal is in my opinion at the higher end of the pub-food marketplace.

The chips were cold, obviously plastic bagged oven chips... dried out and appeared to have had a couple of cycles under the heat before they were dished out to us - oh yes and to make it worse there were no sauces or even vinegar!

The plates weren't heated up and although everything else was cold, Cassandra burnt her mouth on the mushy-peas, which should never have been served up so hot.

The small amount of fresh salad was not fresh and the onion rings were most surely the cheap Iceland variety, but wait, what about the burger?

The dried up, pathetic excuse for a bap was about four and a half inches in diameter, curled up at the edges and no-where near an inch deep when both sides were put together. However, the thing that put me into a fit of giggles was when I opened up the two halves of the bread to find a small, weightless and again not hot, attempt at a burger framed by the bread surrounding it.

Needless to say I sent my meal back and refused to have anything else from them. The boys and Cassandra were both starving and so picked at the food they were given... we didn't stay long and instead went back to my place so that I could get them something else to fill their stomachs.

Poor show Atlantic Inn! I will be honest in saying that I would have preferred a McDonald's to what you offered, and I would have saved myself a bunch of notes. I think you should be embarrassed promoting good pub food and serving the rubbish you sold us.

Attached is the actual meal I was offered, make up your own opinion.

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