Thursday 28 February 2013

Better late than never!

My apologies to everybody who has been waiting patiently for me to write my post, but it has been a very hectic couple of months... I can hardly believe that it's the end of February already! Basically, work has taken over recently, so much so that I've even found that a lot of my weekends are now getting clogged up with it. However I see that while I've been gone the world has still moved on around me. Today was the last day of the Pope's duties before another one is elected, we've had the horse-meat scandal, snow and of course close encounters with asteroids (or if in Russia, even closer!) We've had the passing of Mr. Good Life himself, the Oscars and even more austerity... some things change, some never do.

It hasn't been all bad though, I did take a trip up to Scotland to see one of our customers. I drove up to Manchester in the van, and then Martin and I carried on the journey in his hire car. We drove through the snow, which was coming down quite heavily at the time, but I was more concerned with how pretty everything looked than concerned we might get snowed in - we didn't!

On the journey in the van I dictated a chapter of one of my books, just to see if I could act out the scenes while driving, rather than listening to the radio, which is usually my only company. It was a fifteen hour journey in the van, and I dictated over 8,000 words - I'll have to try that during NanoWriMo! Talking of writing, I did go to the Creative Writing Group again at Waterstones. It was held on Valentines evening, so you can imagine what we all had to write about!

I have started to write a few things for this blog, which I haven't finished yet, so there really is more to come soon... I think on one of them I get on my soapbox a bit, but then if these posts were boring then you wouldn't be reading them :)

Well, I am working for some of this weekend and I've got a get-together with a load of other nerds (sorry, writers) on Saturday, but will make a concerted effort to add to this - I just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten you lot.

Oh yes, just before I go... As with many of you, I have felt over the past few weeks that I would freeze in this cold weather; however, I have just heard that Sir Ranulph Fiennes (one of my heroes) has just been evacuated from his latest expedition because of frostbite... Apparently, he just removed one of his gloves to adjust a strap on his ski binding, and ended up with four poorly fingers! And we complain about the cold? I think I'm going to have to harden up.

Can I just say in here that I wish him and his fingers well, and a damn good try Ranulph - Get well soon.

Okay that's it for now, speak to you soon.

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