Saturday 23 March 2013

My cousin Emma... Long time, no see

Well I've just had a couple of wonderful hours catching up with my cousin Emma. She has come down to St Agnes with her husband Malcolm (sorry for not recognising you straight away) for her son Joshua's rugby tour. Emma looked fabulous and hasn't changed a dot since I last saw her getting close to eight years ago, Malcolm was on top form and Joshua has grown right up.

It's sad to think that I spent so much time with my cousins Sally, Emma and Mary when we were kids, and now we let many years pass us by before seeing each other now that we're adults... a cycle I would love to change from now on. I have been invited up to theirs for dinner next time I'm passing by Putney, and will definitely take them up on their offer.

We chatted about my Nana (where we all stayed for sleepovers god knows how many times), people that we've never spoken about before on my family tree, and how the world has rotated in different ways through different lives... I really could have carried on chatting for hours!

It was lovely seeing you again Emma, I had a lovely evening, lots of laughs. Have a great day tomorrow and let's catch up some more soon x

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